Five things you should ask before buying a second residence in Jávea

Are you thinking about buying a second residence in Jávea? Keep reading and we will give you the answers to the five fundamental questions you must ask yourself before making a decision as well as the main advantages and disadvantages.

Am I in love with the place?

The truth is that falling in love with Jávea is very simple, because of its weather, beaches, environment… but even so it is a question that we must ask before investing in a second residence in Jávea. Undoubtedly, the first decision you have to make, and perhaps the most important, is to choose where you want your next home to be, once this question has a clear answer, the rest will fit.

Is now a good time to invest?

The answer is yes, although the real estate market is recovering little by little, market prices are still very attractive for an investment. You can have a look to the villas and apartments in Jávea that we have available on our website.

What are my long-term needs?

When choosing a second residence in Jávea, we not only have to think about our current needs, but also those we will have in the future. This is a decision that must be made with long-term in mind. Over the years these needs change, for example, if in the future you will expand the family, you have to take it into account when choosing: house or apartment, how many rooms…

Does it have rental potential?

If you are going to spend short periods throughout the year in this second residence in Jávea, why not rent it? Costa Blanca is a very attractive tourist area in summer but also in winter and that means that many foreigners come here because of the low temperatures on their countries. It is also a perfect option to recover profitability, generate alternative income and to be occupied most part of the year; you will need a lot of maintenance to keep it up to date.

Who can help me the best in my search?

If the answers to all the questions have been positive, the next step and also the most attractive one is to start looking for the perfect second residence in Jávea. The entire search and purchase process is much simpler if you go to experts in the real estate market such as Property Consulting, experts in Costa Blanca and with a wide portfolio of properties in Jávea, Dénia and surroundings.


Having a second residence in Jávea guarantees that you will enjoy a unique holiday every year, without surprises and without last minute incidentals. And best of all, in your own home with all the amenities you need. In addition to all the advantages that we have listed so far, you should also take into account the fixed costs of having a property: property taxes, financing costs, maintenance costs. Calculate them in advance and you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.