Is it profitable to buy a house in Jávea and then rent it?

Is a good option to buy a house in Jávea and then rent it? How much profitability can I get? Is residential or holiday rental better? These are just some of the questions that many people ask before investing in a villa or apartment for rent, in this post we will answer all of them and we will tell you the advantages of investing in real estate on Costa Blanca.

Recovering profitability is one of the main concerns of those who decide to invest in brick. Data from recent years show that buying a house and then rent it now offers a much higher return than other financial assets. To this we must add that the price of housing is still very interesting, after years of free fall, these are already beginning to stabilize and even notice a slight increase, another plus added is the increase in demand for rentals, both residential rentals and holiday rentals, a very interesting option in Jávea that ensures a high profitability in fewer time.

According to the data of the Bank of Spain (third quarter of 2017), the gross profitability of a house in Spain is 4.2%, this figure must be adjusted taking into account such important factors as location and state of the House. In the case of Jávea, being in a coastal area with a very privileged weather throughout the year, the location is one of the elements that will increase this percentage of profitability, if the house we want to acquire is very close to the beach, then the increase shoots up. In coastal areas such as Jávea, residential rental performance is more profitable than in inland areas and amounts to more than 5% in first and second line.

Along with this type of rental, if you decide to buy a house to rent in Jávea another very interesting option is the vacation. Jávea, Dénia and all the coastal towns are very touristic areas in which the profitability of the investment is much higher, the touristic market is a growing market and there is also a lot of demand, especially in high season, the summer months, prices soar and disbursement for short periods of time is high, to this we must add that in the winter months, although occupancy is lower, the demand for seasonal rentals continues to be maintained on Costa Blanca.


If after reading this article you are considering buying a house in Jávea and then rent it, in Property Consulting we have a wide range of villas and apartments in Jávea and Dénia in the best areas and with the best commodities.