5 definitive reasons why you should buy a villa in Jávea

There are many articles that talk about why you should live in Javea and every single one of them talks about the sun, gastronomy, good weather… we know that these are good enough reasons, but we think that these are the 5 definitive reasons to buy a villa in Javea:

  1. Cultural exchange

Walking through Jávea you will hear Castilian, Valencian but also English, German, French, Dutch… that because half of the residents are foreigners who have decided to settle in Costa Blanca attracted by the weather and also by the wide offer of houses and villas in Javea where you can enjoy life in a quiet area, away from crowds but with all the commodities of a big city.

This coexistence favors a cultural exchange that is very enriching and that is reflected in aspects such as gastronomy, traveling the world in “a bite” in Jávea is very simple thanks to its great offer of international restaurants, also shopping, like in supermarkets very frequently you will find imported products that make foreign residents feel at home and also national products, that create the opportunity to discover new ingredients and try new recipes.

  1. It’s good for your health

The weather of Jávea is one of the best in Costa Blanca, we are not the ones saying it, the World Health Organization has defined it as one of the healthiest in the world for its combination of temperature, low air humidity and the large number of sunny hours throughout all year.

It is a perfect weather to help cure heart and circulation diseases, also for the lungs, for rheumatism, arthritis and asthmatic discomforts. In Jávea you can enjoy an average annual temperature of 19º with mild winters and warm summers.

  1. Sea or Mountain

In Jávea you can enjoy spectacular views of the sea while appreciating the peace of the mountain, and vice versa. Buying a villa in Javea offers you the option of combining both scenarios and also chose: a house near the beach or in one of the coves on the more than 20 kilometers of coastline, or live surrounded by nature in the area of the Montgó Mountain, a declared National Park.

Both areas are perfect to live throughout all year and have the advantage of being very close to the urban area, in a few minutes you can pass from the tranquility of living in the sea or mountain to being able to enjoy all the commodities of a city.

  1. Away from stress, near the city

We have talked about its location near the sea and mountain but Jávea also stands out for its strategic position between the main cities of the Valencian Community and its two airports, Alicante and Valencia, both practically at the same distance of just over an hour on the road, placing it far from traffic, noise but close to all the commodities that a city offers making it easy to take care of any process, go shopping… It is also really close to other touristic cities such as Benidorm or Gandia.

  1. Making the dream reality

Buying a villa in Javea is a dream that can now be accomplished and is much more accessible than years ago. The wide offer of properties in Costa Blanca can provide you with very interesting opportunities such as the ones you will find at Property Consulting, we have a large portfolio of villas in Javea selected especially for the quality of its location and its good conditions. Just take a look at our website and find the perfect house for you.