10 purposes for 2018 to have a sustainable home and to save!

With the New Year the list of new purposes inevitably arrives: to do more sport, study languages, lead a healthier life … these are the most common objectives but in this post we want to propose a list of challenges not for you, but for your house, with which you will make your house more comfortable and sustainable. This is our top ten:

  1. Start using led

Low power lights are the most efficient way to save a few euros on the electric bill. With LED technology, up to 80% of energy consumption and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions are achieved. With the led bulbs you will also get a better quality light and they also last much longer.

  1. Take advantage of natural resources

On Costa Blanca we are lucky to enjoy a magnificent sun that shines almost all year, take advantage of natural light whenever you can, it’s free! Raise the blinds, open the windows so that you can create natural air currents that ventilate your home and reduce the use of air conditioning.

  1. Don’t waste water

Water is a very valuable resource that we must take care of, not waste. There are many tricks to save water: turn off the tap while you are soaping yourself, brushing your teeth or scrubbing the dishes, install aerators or flow limiters in the faucets and a double flushing device in the toilet cistern, with all these tricks you can save between 30% and 50% of water. Your economy will thank you and the planet as well.

  1. Turn off the stand-by

The stand-by position happens when the device is suspended but not really turned off so it continues to consume electricity. Completely turning off all electrical appliances such as television, computer screen or stereo equipment can save 10% of consumption.

  1. Improve your privacy

If in winter your house is a greenhouse and in summer, the closest thing to the North Pole, you are not helping the planet and your consumption expenses will increase by up to 7%. When using the heating, the most suitable temperature at home is between 19º and 21º and in summer, between 22º and 25º. You should also check the insulation of your house so that you have air leaks, weather-strips in the windows or double glazing, in addition to getting better insulation, you will isolate the sound from the outside.

  1. Put plants at home

Filling your house with plants has two advantages: you will give a natural and very cozy look to your house and improve the quality of the air; indoor plants help to absorb potentially harmful gases

  1. Energy efficient appliances

All appliances must show a label that shows the energy efficiency of each appliance. Always go for those with category A, avoid the E, F or G. In appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, there are two extra categories, the A + and A ++ that have lower consumption. Energy saving thanks to the efficient appliances can reach up to 70%.

  1. Washer, dryer and dishwasher

In addition to always choosing efficient and sustainable appliances, it is important to make responsible use of it. Use the washing machine, the dryer or the dishwasher at full load or with ecological and economic programs. Another trick is to avoid prewash in the washing machine and use cold water whenever you can

  1. Save also while cooking

In the kitchen you can also save on your energy bill allowing your home to be more respectful for the planet with very simple practices: if you use the oven, avoid opening it while it works since this gesture is a drop of about 20 º temperature and when you cook in the fire, turn it off 5 or 10 minutes before finishing cooking to take advantage of residual heat.

  1. Don’t forget recycling

In addition to all the above commitments, do not forget recycling. Separate the waste you generate to recycle it in the appropriate container: orange or gray for organic resources, yellow for plastic and aluminum, green for glass and jars and blue, paper and cardboard

As you can see, having a more sustainable house and respecting the environment is very simple. In Property Consulting, real estate specialized in Dénia, we encourage you to get down to work right now, you will help taking care of the planet and also your pocket, because they represent an important saving in consumption.