10 interesting facts about the Bous a la mar in Dénia

Today is the great day of the Sanfermines in Pamplona, but it is also an important day for Dénia, because of the beginning of one of its most popular celebrations, known as Bous a la mar (bulls in the sea) that begin just today and finish the 15 of July. In this post we are talking you about all the interesting facts and everything you have to know about the Bous a la mar in Denia.

  • The celebration is declared of National Touristic Interest since June 1993.
  • The origins of the celebration dates back to 1749. The historian Roc Chabàs was already mentioning about the “real bulls”. There are also mentions and documents saved from XVII century.
  • Since 1926, the Bous a la mar in Dénia is celebrated as part of the “Festa Major”, dedicated to the Holiest Blood in June, in honor of a monk named Pedro Esteve, about whom it is told that he saved the city from the plague in 1633.
  • Two daily sessions are celebrated, at 13h and at 19h.
  • The beginning of the celebrations is announced by a bang launched from the Glorieta del País Valencià, Saturday 7 July at 13h.
  • It is the second year that the bang is launched.
  • The run of the heifers begins at the Marqués de Camp street and finishes at the square installed in the port, in which the bull dives in the sea.
  • During this run, the bulls are accompanied but the runners who also dive in the sea with the bulls.
  • Once the bull dives in the sea, then it gets driven solid and without any damage back to the ground.
  • Some two-floor stands are installed in the square of the port to see the show. You have to pay, if you want to get to the highest floor.

This is undoubtedly the most popular activity, but not the only one celebrated during these celebrations. During the second fortnight of July, Dénia gets full of a large program of events that you can attend, like concerts, children’s acts, sports championships etc… Another important event is the parade of the carriages, a spectacular crossroad by troupes, with music declared of Provincial Touristic Interest. It is celebrated the last Saturday of the celebration.

These are the first summer celebrations that Dénia will live but not the only ones. During August, you are going to get dressed another time in elegance with the Moros y Cristianos. Two good excuses to visit the city, fall in love with her definitively and decide yourself for a second residence here. Have a look at our web and consult the villas in Dénia and apartments in Dénia, that we have available for you.