Villa in Denia: Which are my options?

Are you thinking of buying a living on the coast? Have you thought about a villa in Denia? There are so many reasons to opt out for the capital of Marina Alta. In this post we are going to count for you the benefits of living near to the Mediterranean and the choices of villas and chalets in Denia, available in our real estate agency in Denia.

In the Costa Blanca and a strategic position between Valencia and Alicante, on the banks of the Mediterranean, you are going to find Denia, the perfect city to live the whole year and for sure not to miss during summer. And its climate, smooth and stable with an average of 18º for the whole year, in more than 300 days of sun.

Its gastronomy is also one of its assets. In 2015, Denia was declared by UNESCO as Creative City of the Gastronomy. In addition to its rich local gastronomy, in which we can stick out dishes like the “arroz a banda” or the famous “gamba roja”, there are a lot of restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy yourself, tasting the mediterranean and international gastronomy.

Talking about Denia, is also talking about 20 kilometers of coast, symbolic regions such as Las Marinas or the zone of Las Rotas, which are perfect for swimming in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, discovering at the same time its interesting bottom.

Denia is not only about its sea, but also about its mountain experience. The city is on the feet of Montgó, declared as Natural Parc in 1987. It’s about a massif of 752 meters of altitude, expanding to the Cape of San Antonio and it’s also one of the best places to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the whole region.

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After having referred all the benefits that Denia offers, we underline that the numerous options offered by the real estate market, are the second reason for which you should decide to invest for an apartment. In our real estate agency in Denia we are always looking for the best opportunities, having villas from the best regions of the city at our disposal. This is our option:

Beautiful villa in Santa Llucia, Denia

Villa in Denia (PCS9159)

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